Intel Pentium III-M @ 800MHz

This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying the aesthetics of a Pentium III-M processor with the groundbreaking speed of 800MHz while changing the thermal paste on the heatsink.

If I may be a little abstract for a moment I find these Intel processors to be a thing of beauty to behold. There is a robust yet a sense of non-urgency about these processors. It’s a feeling that you know the thing isn’t going to get anything done quickly but it is going to do it well. It’s like a master painter painting its next masterpiece. You know it’s going to be great but it’s going to take a while to get there.

Intel had a whole line of these robust little workhorses during the late 90’s to early 2000’s and involved both the Pentium II and III lines. Although not really underpowered overheating never really was an issue as they were pretty slow to begin with. In any case they’ve become a beauty to behold. The image below is the processor inside an IBM ThinkPad T21 with the residual thermal paste removed.



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